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Free Encompass® CAD Software

Encompass® CAD software is designed to assist individuals with furniture planning and specifying through AutoCAD based programming. The software accurately and efficiently inserts 2D and 3D symbols into drawings, however, product knowledge is key to successful furniture planning. Software training is available through online demonstrations and integrated Help documentation.
Note: You must be an experienced AutoCAD user to take full advantage of the features of Encompass® CAD. A current version of AutoCAD or within 2 years of the latest release is supported.

Download Encompass® CAD

Minimum Requirements

Must be able to run a stable version of AutoCAD that has been released within the last two years.

About Encompass® CAD

KI's drawing tool is AutoCAD® based programming which allows accurate and efficient planning of KI’s product lines excluding Genius Wall and Lightline.

Encompass FAQs

Encompass CAD is a very simple installation. Our Install Shield program installs some custom menus and files in their own folders (typically C:\ECAD), creates a desktop shortcut, and a new AutoCAD® profile. The profile is launched from the shortcut. Encompass CAD also installs Autolisp routines and support files.

Note: If you are a 20-20 CAP Designer™ user you may have minor issues since CAP does not create a profile. It assumes that it will be the only spaceplanning software installed whereas with Encompass CAD we do not make that assumption. The fix is to create a CAP profile and add that extension to your CAP shortcut. If you need assistance feel free to give us a call and we will walk you through the 5 minute process.

To remove Encompass CAD you may simply delete the shortcut and 'ECAD' folder. Secondly you should change your default profile to your preference.

No. It does check the FTP website upon startup to see if there are updates to the programming for you to install. An internet connection is required for this to happen.

Yes, but it is recommended you leave it on so you are assured of having the latest Encompass CAD version. To disable simply uncheck the 'FTP' box. To get there just open up Encompass CAD and type in 'CFGECAD' without the quotes in the Command line.

No. It was designed by KI for KI product.

Encompass CAD has been made fairly easy to use for someone who knows KI product and AutoCAD®. AutoCAD® is a powerful tool that requires prior training and many hours of usage.

No, the programming is too advanced for the 'light' versions of AutoCAD®.

Yes, please contact your Sales Representative in OEI to arrange a webinar or possibly in person training.