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About OEI

The Original Equipment Industries (OEI) Division of KI was formed specifically with Correctional Industries in mind. OEI offers a complete line of office furniture components and the technical services to help turn them into stylish, functional furnishings that will please end-users today and for years to come.

With over 35 years of experience, this division specializes in product and program development, customer service, spaceplanning, installation, engineering, design and quality control. OEI’s KD programs are tailored to meet the customers’ unique capabilities and maximize their contribution to the finished goods.

Currently partnering with state and local CI programs in 45 states and Canada, OEI’s office furniture features thoughtful design built on ergonomic principles. OEI’s manufacturing expertise, product knowledge and support services ensure our CI partners achieve their own program goals.

OEI-UNICOR Relationship

OEI has been a service provider and vendor to the UNICOR Office Furniture Group (OFG) for over 35 years and assists in a number of functional areas.

OEI’s engineering staff works with UNICOR to set up tooling as well as provide drawings and technical knowledge, OEI’s spaceplanning and design teams specialize in spaceplanning UNICOR’s furniture systems while the OEI’s installation staff is there to expertly handle the installation of the UNICOR product.

To learn more about the UNICOR Office Furniture Group and the products and services they offer, visit them at