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Original Equipment Industries offers a complete line of office furniture components to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. As a division of Krueger International Inc., Original Equipment Industries, OEI, is totally dedicated to supporting Correctional Industry Program partnerships. With over 23 years of experience in the correctional industry marketplace, OEI is a leader in bringing you quality parts, a dedicated sales team and turnkey support services that are a step above the rest. So too, is the advanced ergonomic design and attention to detail that all OEI products are given.


OEI currently works with correctional industry programs in 45 states as well as Canada. OEI offers a product and program development staff, customer service, spaceplanning, installation, engineering, design and quality control efforts to ensure an efficient work environment.


OEI has been a service entity and vendor source to UNICOR for over 15 years. Our staff is comprised of technically oriented individuals who perform very specific tasks and are involved in several distinct functions. OEI's engineering staff is responsible for working with the UNICOR factories to set up tooling, provide drawings and technical knowledge, and perform quality checks on all parts and products that flow from OEI through the UNICOR production system.

OEI's spaceplanning and design team is comprised of a nationwide, professional staff of project managers and certified designers that specialize in spaceplanning furniture systems for UNICOR furniture installations. OEI's installation staff is also a nationwide service entity that specializes in the installation of UNICOR systems and office furniture. Other services OEI performs for UNICOR involve sales and marketing efforts on an ad hoc basis.
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